Anonymity Disclaimer

I am not now nor have I ever been a member of any particular 12 Step fellowship or organization (the same holds for the communist party – if you’re old enough you’ll know what I am referring to). I have spent most of my life in recovery from one thing or another – taking an eclectic, don’t-tell-me-what-to-do approach – and trying to boil things down and simplify, simplify, simplify…. I can’t say that I have been successful at the ‘simplify’ part of things; but I try. In fact, I can quickly and irreversibly complicate a ham sandwich – but I digress. See what I mean? The point of this disclaimer is that I hereby categorically and publicly deny any membership in any organization having personal anonymity at the level of “press, radio, and film” (or other public media) as the spiritual foundation of all of its traditions. I speak for no one but me. Whether you think I am actually a member of a 12 Step fellowship I will leave to your imagination. I prefer to prioritize principles above personalities and while I’m at it I should probably also let you know that I would rather be happy than right. So, in my world, you will always hear from me that you are right (whether you actually are or not) – and I will keep my happiness thank you very much.

Although I am NOT a 12 Step fellowship member, due to my fascination with all things spiritual, I am a 28-year student of 12 Step principles and have incorporated those principles into my studies (as well as into my personal life) on the broader topics of spirituality, psychology, and theology. It took me 25 years to do it but I finally got my undergraduate degree in those subjects in 2007. I have conducted innumerable interviews with members of 12 Step fellowships and have come away from them convinced that simple 12 Step spirituality is the cutting edge future of the very evolution of the human race.


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